The Perfect Day! Part 1

Sometimes psychologists come up with findings that are quite useful for the everyday life. Over the course of the following weeks i will present you with useful tips from psychological research that can help you to have a better day and a better life. By understanding seemingly little things from the science of psychology can help a person to get along better with their peers, be more successful and generally just have a happier life.

Let’s start in the morning.

9 am: Breakfast – Warm beverages make generous

Grey and cold starts the new day. What can possibly lure you out of the house. A cup of coffee, say US psychologists and don’t have the caffein-kick in mind, but rather the temperature of the drink. Because apparently having a hot beverage in your hand makes you see your environment in a more positive light.

Scientists of the Colorado University gave 41 participants either a hot steaming coffee or a an iced coffee. Proceeding they were read a story about a fictive person and asked them to judge its character. The persons with the warm beverage associated more positive attributes with the fictive person than the ones that had the cold drink.

In a second test the participants could choose whether they wanted to keep a small reward or give it to a friend. The ones that had a hot beverage tended to be more warmer in their hearts and gave away their reward.


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