9 Horrible Los Angeles People You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Thought Catalog


1. The Older Man at the Nightclub

Not the rapey kind of guys, but the ones that stand by the bar in a nice suit making eyes at any young starlet, friend of a starlet, or any wanna-be-model who’s thirsty to be snapped by a nightlife photog. They don’t drink scotch, they drink vodka Red Bulls and are basically like a slightly younger version of your dad– if your dad was a socially maladjusted pervert who’s worth like, 6.5 mil liquid. This is the guy you may go out with once, just to see what it’s like to date a generally harmless seeming rich pervert. He probably wants to make out and see your ass, tops. The first date will be a nice dinner and a couple hours of him lubing you up in his Beverly Hills condo. There will be no second date after you refuse to let…

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