Like You Own the Place : Attitude Matters

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Toolbox YOU are your most important clinical tool

Your attitude and your demeanor greatly impact others’ response to you.

For example:

When you or your kid need to use a restaurant’s bathroom when you’re not a customer,

What do you do?

Do you try to someone to ask permission?

I don’t.

From Clock Diner, Venice FL From Clock Diner, Venice FL

I walk in like I own the place, give the staff friendly nods, a “Hi!” and a smile as I enter, do my business, and leave.

It hasn’t yet failed me since I finally caught on: so often, it’s not about what the answer “should” be.

if you act OK with it, in a friendly gentle way, so do they.

The way you carry yourself, the way you present yourself to others, has tremendous power.

If you project confidence, enthusiasm, friendliness and caring, people notice.

Most of us don’t bother to offer such an appealing…

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