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Write a Terrific Novel (NaNo), Minimize Revisions, & Improve Odds of Finishing AND Publishing

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Image via Flikr Creative Commons. Bansky's "Peaceful hearts Doctor" courtesy of Eva Blue. Image via Flikr Creative Commons. Bansky’s “Peaceful Hearts Doctor” courtesy of Eva Blue.

We’ve already discussed the importance of  fueling the muse BEFORE NaNo. But, fueling the muse, creativity, talent and all that jazz IS NOT enough. Finishing, while fantastic, is ALSO not enough. If we finish, yet have written something that can never exist off life-support? We’re back at Square One.

Though I am a fan of NaNo (National Novel Writing Month which is NOVEMBER) and Fast Draft, these tactics will work for writing ANY novel and minimize revisions.

AND…you don’t even have to be a plotter (Hint: I’m not. More of a Plotser–> Plotter + Pantser)

One of the major reasons many writers fail to complete the story is there isn’t a single CORE story problem in need of resolution. The story dies because it lacks a beating heart and a skeleton.

Stories with no hearts…

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9 Horrible Los Angeles People You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Thought Catalog


1. The Older Man at the Nightclub

Not the rapey kind of guys, but the ones that stand by the bar in a nice suit making eyes at any young starlet, friend of a starlet, or any wanna-be-model who’s thirsty to be snapped by a nightlife photog. They don’t drink scotch, they drink vodka Red Bulls and are basically like a slightly younger version of your dad– if your dad was a socially maladjusted pervert who’s worth like, 6.5 mil liquid. This is the guy you may go out with once, just to see what it’s like to date a generally harmless seeming rich pervert. He probably wants to make out and see your ass, tops. The first date will be a nice dinner and a couple hours of him lubing you up in his Beverly Hills condo. There will be no second date after you refuse to let…

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Lazy, are we?

Have you ever wanted to know if it might not be your fault that you’re so lazy? You’re in luck! You finally have an excuse for being a lazy couch potato. According to science, laziness can be inherited through genes. The so called “Couch-Potato-Gene” actually exists and could be the reason for why you just cannot get your behind away from the sofa. Check out this video by ASAP Science to find out more! Click here

Like You Own the Place : Attitude Matters

Psych Circus

Toolbox YOU are your most important clinical tool

Your attitude and your demeanor greatly impact others’ response to you.

For example:

When you or your kid need to use a restaurant’s bathroom when you’re not a customer,

What do you do?

Do you try to someone to ask permission?

I don’t.

From Clock Diner, Venice FL From Clock Diner, Venice FL

I walk in like I own the place, give the staff friendly nods, a “Hi!” and a smile as I enter, do my business, and leave.

It hasn’t yet failed me since I finally caught on: so often, it’s not about what the answer “should” be.

if you act OK with it, in a friendly gentle way, so do they.

The way you carry yourself, the way you present yourself to others, has tremendous power.

If you project confidence, enthusiasm, friendliness and caring, people notice.

Most of us don’t bother to offer such an appealing…

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Musical Memories

Why is it, that you love that song you listened too over and over again that one summer years ago? It’s for the same reason you look at the pictures from that very same summer; you want to dive into the emotions you associate with it. A study showed that 70% of people listen to old songs because of the memories and emotions they have attached to it. It’s like going through a musical photo album with your own cinema in your head.